Books on Sale

5100 Books sold in 2013 nationally and internationally.

Books authored by Dr.Sourabh Welling,M.D. published by Welling Healthcare Private Limited. These books are not available for download. The books will be posted in hard bound once the payment is completed.

Homeopathic Philosophy in 21st Century 1000 150 Buy
Cancer and Homeopathy Philosophy 1200 180 Buy
Homeopathic Treatment of Childhood 1800 220 Buy
Conceiving Easy with Homeopathy 2100 300 Buy
A to Z of Homeopathy Treatment 500 30 Buy
Precautions during Homeopathy 200 10 Buy
Homeopathy for Emergencies 750 50 Buy

Seminars of Dr.Sourabh Welling,M.D.

Half Day Seminar ( 3 hours ) 60,000 1000 Book
Full Day Seminar (6 hours) 1,10,000 1800 Book

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