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This blog is about the latest updates regarding health news that will affect you and your family. Its my 12th years of medical practice and it has given me everything, fame, satisfaction and some out-standing results in my patients. Being in the medical field in itself is very satisfactory and I thank god that he gave me the chance to be a doctor and genuinely help people overcome their illness.

Being a post graduate in Homeopathic medicines, its mandatory that we are voracious readers. For the past 12 years and even today, practically everyday, I go through the top 10 medical research web-sites and latest publications to hunt for topics that will help me help my lovely patients live a better, healthier and a disease-free life. Now hence forth all those topics will be published here in a easy-to-understand language for you.

In this blog my aim would be to offer one place for people around the world to interact and know more about the health studies and research that will affect you now or later.I will also mention my analysis of the topic and critically view its outcome on the society. This blog will not be about my brand WELLING - The Homeopathy Clinic, but about you and your health.

You can buy my books from this site and also contact me for any difficulty or health issue. Due to my busy national and international schedule, currently I am not taking lecturing assignments.

Come, be a part of the global community here. Write your thoughts in the comments section below.