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Homeopathy-Guru is an online venture from Welling Healthcare Private Limited, the same company that owns the brand ' Welling Clinic 'and 'Welling Homeopathy'  - the fastest growing brand of Homeopathic speciality clinics in World.

This web-site is developed to offer online access to books and study programs by Dr.Welling and online health consultation and advise from Welling Clinic doctors.

We don't sell illegal medicines through this website. We offer online consultation,homeopathy recovery programs and associated customised advise, offered by our own registered doctors.

Welling Homeopathy is the world leader in speciality Homeopathy Treatment Clinics. Our treatment protocols for Cancer and Fertility are validated the world over.

We maintain strict quality control, validated by an ISO 9002 certification from UK.

ISOAt Welling Clinic, we have developed our own treatment protocols that are based on the original German science of Homeopathy. 10 years of evidence based research into more than 100,000 pages of literature from the last 200 years have gone in developing our treatment protocols. All research was aided by our licensed state-of-art sophisticated homeopathic software application, developed in Belgium.

The treatment protocol have been extensively tested over the last many years at our busy clinic at Mumbai India.

Welling Clinic employs our safe, gentle & the very effective treatment protocols that seek to stimulate your body’s own natural healing powers to cure rapidly.

Experience the Real Power of Homeopathy

Welling Homeopathy & Welling Clinics are Welling Healthcare Private Limited initiative.

 Restoring Health | Enriching Lives. TM

Welling Homeopathy has been established with the mission to provide to you and your families world class Homeopathic medical care with focus on complete satisfaction and lasting effects.

Inherent at Welling Homeopathy is continuous research on best practices coupled with advanced healthcare to bring to you the optimum attention to all your problems with care and involvement. Due to our highest quality healthcare practices we have been repeatedly awarded the best quality awards in different parts of the world including that at Geneva Quality Convention 2012.

The Welling Homeopathy is located in the heart of Mumbai city, on the Lady Jamshedji road at Mahim. Come and experience the pleasant ambience, the treatment and the results you achieve.

The highly qualified team provides a unique combination of skills for your complete care.

Visit our Corporate website for more details regarding the company and our vision and mission statements.

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